The Bahn Sozial Werk is an institution to help the massive amount of employees of the Deutsche Bahn. What exactly they do, is explained in this animation by a stylised train ride. When the excellent Autorenkombinat asked me to do this, the biggest challenge was the traintracks. It was not practical to do the hand drawn style in a 3d Programm but either was animating the camera and train tracks in Aftereffects.

In the end I created the whole train ride camera and tracks in Cinema4D, moved over to Aftereffects to place the photos and drawings. The camera timing, the limited color palette and the big open space made this quiet a fun challenge and we ended up – just as planned – with a nice sense of depth and speed due to the resulting parallaxe.

Working with photos, tracks created in 3D and pen drawn illustrations

Delivering the facts along the ride