MVA Bonn


Waste disposal is a touchy subject. Waste combustion even more so, especially in Germany, since you see a lot of chutes steaming happily around the country. Burning waste can have a lot of benefits though – it can produce a lot of energy and save a lot of space that would normal be occupied by waste landfills – and if done right, it is not as a dirty business as one would think. When Siedenstein Medien asked me to help create a short motion design piece about just that it was challenging in the aspects of story telling.

It was tuff to explain the subject with enough seriousness but also enough fun to keep people watching. While Siedenstein provided most of the Grafikdesign I was able to add some here and there, too, like the main building for example.

In surprised I heard the news of being nominated for the Deutscher Wirtschafstfilmpreis and was excited to hear we had won third place. This piece also won an award of masters and a silver victoria at “Österreichische Wirtschaftsfilmwoche” in 2014.

Breaking down complex processes to make them easily understandable.

Showing that a lot of waste would just go into landfills.

Drawing up the difference combusting waste makes…

…and the benefits it holds by generating electricity.