Peng is an art space. It is maintained by volunteers and financed by donations only. It gives rooms and space to artists to exhibit their works, let’s bands play, gives workshops and student groups a home and is overall pretty awesome concept. I took over the volunteer position as webadmin in 2009 and during my time updated their old website. The old website was just a blog and Peng had one to two events a month. When I took over they had around 8 events in a month and had problems showing their event program on their website and promote their current exhibitions. The new site I coded was build around an event calendar and showed the current events right at the top. It also gave room to events happening in the local art and design scene in and around Mainz.

As Peng is a canvas for the artists – giving over total control over their rooms and usage to the artists – the website mirrored this idea. The background is interchangeable and can be made to match or contrast the content. The floating content sits on thin nearly, transparent areas letting shine through the works of the current exhibitors. As Peng is different with every artist, the website can be too. The Site is – with a lot of tinkering, reworks and addons by others and without the necessary care – online still and might not look as clean as it did but seems to work stable on it’s solid WordPress core.

The backgrounds can be set to anything, making the site a big canvas and giving the current exhibition total spotlight on the frontpage.

The Layout is basically a blog with an attached head section for promoting events at the peng art space.

Different Backgrounds

Galleries with Lightbox functionality

Event Calendar